Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Last night, February 25, 2013, Kurt was set apart to be missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Auckland, New Zealand mission. He flies to the country today and will enter the Auckland MTC as soon as he arrives.

He is the last O'Neal missionary from our immediate family and the sixth and final boy to serve. What a blessing to have, now, a total of seven missionaries go from our family; that's half of us O'Neal kids!

I know that for me, personally, it's been a great experience to watch how missions change our youth and make them amazing advocates for the gospel. And I know that Kurt will be an amazing missionary and do his best to spread some gospel cheer down under. I love the example he is setting for my kids!

I was not able to attend his actual setting apart last night but Mom had her iPad handy and emailed me a few photos. I will be updating this blog with letters Kurt writes home each week and also pictures. I told him he better make sure to write home faithfully and make sure to include some heartwarming stories and something to make us smile, too.

I know that missionaries need a lot of support from us, too, so I will add his email and mailing address to the sidebar as soon as I have them.

Good luck, Elder O'Neal. You will be in A LOT of prayers!

:) jen

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