Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 6, 2013

This past week was pretty interesting; at least the end of the week. One thing I've noticed is that it always seems like we're not doing enough. At the end of each night we go over the day as well as plan for tomorrow, and it never seems like we've taught enough, or contacted enough, or tried to find enough. We have the best numbers out of our entire zone, and everyone keeps telling us how good we're doing, but it still feels like there is so much more we could be doing. 
We had a baptism on Saturday, and it went really well. There were loads of people there, and the family had a huge feed afterward, which is always a plus. And then on Sunday, one of our new investigators came to church! We've only spoken to her twice, and both times not for very long. We invited her to come to church, and like all of our other investigators, didn't honestly think she would show, especially since we haven't even taught her one of the lessons yet. Right when sacrament started she came into the building with three of her kids, and I had to do a double take. It was really cool because not only was the confirmation for Brodie yesterday, but it was a Fast Sunday as well. All of the testimonies that were given were really good, and I just sat there praying the entire time that Dona would feel the Spirit like I knew I was. She had previously talked about how she was searching, and wanted the truth in her life, so all I did was pray that she would understand that she had found it. She stayed for all of the sacrament, then Gospel Principles, and even Relief Society! I was blown away. Not only did she show up, but she stayed there. It was a first. After church, all I could think about was how happy I was that she had shown up, and how thankful I am to have the help of the Holy Ghost. 
I've got a load of pictures this time.
One of the members in the ward is huge into restoring old cars, and building old timey memorabilia. All of the signs, gas pumps, airplanes and whatever else there is in the pictures, he made. He sells all of it too. If only he wasn't all the way over here, I'd buy some of it for Dad's shop.  Love, Kurt

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