Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

It finally happened, I got transferred! I thought that I wasn't going to get transferred, because my companion got the call from President to say that he was being transferred up to south Auckland as a zone leader. Then I got the call later than night.

My new companion is another Samoan. His name is Elder Ilai (pronounced Eli). He's pretty awesome so far, and I'll post a picture of him next week. Unless I forget. I'm now in Tuhikaramea Ward in Hamilton, just on the edge of Hamilton, so kind of in the city. I hope that I get transfered back out to the country, it's much better. We're so close to the Temple that we can see it on the hill out of the window at our flat. It kind of stinks coming into the area because my and new comp and I got double shifted in. We replaced a sister companionship in the area. So basically we're trying to pick up where they left off but we're still starting from scratch. Our area is super tiny too, so we don't have a car. Our first two nights here it rained on us like crazy, and we don't really know anybody so there wasn't even any way to get into a house. The area is probably about the size of the 14th ward (Mom and Dad's ward). Maybe a little bigger but not by much. We're actually pretty worried about how we're going to fill our time, because the sisters that were here knocked every street. There's a couple of investigators that I'm hoping work out, but for the most part, the sisters only had women investigators, so we can't really teach them unless we're able to find male fellowship, so that we can go into the homes.

I think we have the absolute nicest flat in the entire mission. It's fully furnished, has AC, a washer AND a dryer, and even heat lamps instead of regular light bulbs in the bathroom. Pretty cool. Apparently it's the flat that everyone in the Hamilton area wants.

They don't really let us read a whole lot of extra material. I've now read Jesus the Christ three times, as well as Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, and I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon for the third time as well. We get Ensigns sometimes, so I read through those, but it does get kind of exhausting sometimes just reading through the same material over and over.

I think that'll about do it. I've got a load of pictures from my last area that I'll send.

Elder O'Neal   

The guy on the right is Te Uira. He was one of our awesome investigators. He'll be baptized once he's off of home arrest.
This is two of our LA (less-active) families. They threw us a huge party the night before we left.

This was our branch president's (President Tupaea) family.

Owen, one of our LA's (less actives)

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