Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

So, with all of the new missionaries coming in this month, I have no idea when transfers are. At first, this was going to be a four week transfer cycle, then it got changed back to the regular six weeks, and now people are pretty much just getting transfered every week. Apparently our mission president just found out about fourteen new missionaries that're coming in this month too. Crazy. Hopefully everything will clear up by the end of this month, but we'll see.

As far as investigators go we still have the same ones, but they're doing awesome. We're hopefully looking at Steve being baptized this month with his son, but we'll see what happens. They're waiting on Steve's father-in-law to get his priesthood restored, since he was ex'd a few years back. Steve keeps trying to play it down to us, but apparently he told our Branch President that he wants to be baptized with his son, which is fine by me. When we had FHE with that family last week, Steve kind of told us his testimony. He talked about how he's noticed that when he does the things that we teach; when he reads, prays, goes to church, etc., that he realizes the difference in his life. He said that he always notices when he does those things that everything seems to go right at work and home. It was really cool to hear him talk about how he's noticed the blessings of the gospel in his life. It got me wondering how much the rest of us notice such things. If we notice how well things go because of this gospel. Maybe something to keep in mind.

We've also got three baptisms set for the end of next month. I don't think I'll still be here for that, but at least whoever is new will be able to start off on a good note. 

We're hoping to be able to get another two people to commit to baptism within the coming weeks.
One of them, Rany, which I think I've talked about before, has been investigating for three weeks as of today, and he's awesome. He reads, prays, and comes to church. He'll even text us asking for scriptures to read, which is pretty awesome. He told us that he believes this church is true, and that he wants to get baptized. He just wants to wait a bit longer and study a bit more so that he knows he's doing it for himself, rather than because of other people influencing him. I feel pretty good about him, so I'm not worried. No sense in rushing or pushing him, we'll just continue to teach and guide.

Another one that we want to be able to set is Charlotte. Her partner is a less active member, but he's come to church pretty much every Sunday for the last two months. We can't do a whole lot with her now until she comes to church. Their son takes his nap from ten to one which is precisely when church is. I figure all we can do is pray, and leave it in the hands of the Lord. I'm sure He's got it all figured out, now I just need to figure out how he wants me to be going about all of it.

Our Church attendance is still pretty good, and the less actives we've been working with are still awesome.
 That's all for now.
  Love you heaps!
   E. O'Neal

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