Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Sorry for no letter yesterday. It turns out that the mission office does not have your email, and I forgot that it had "oneal" attached behind "buddymary".. My Bad! If I would have gotten that right, then you would been aware that our P-Day got switched to today for this week. Allow me to explain why.

President Rudd's father is in New Zealand, and he came down to see us yesterday. Elder Rudd is in his late 90s, and came to New Zealand for one last time before he goes on. What an awesome man. He served in the New Zealand mission back in the 30's under Matthew Cowley, a man that we hear about heaps being in this mission. He then came back a few years later to be a mission president himself, and came back again in the 70's to be the Temple President. He served as a member of the first quorum of the 70 for many years. He told us all these cool stories about being a young bishop in the same building as President Monson when he was a new bishop, as well as recent stories of how he eats lunch with President Monson on a monthly basis, including the last occasion in which the entire Quorum of the Twelve ended up joining them. 

So, knowing that he was coming down to talk to us, we rescheduled a zone training from last week to yesterday, and had it followed by the meeting with Elder Rudd. What an awesome day it was. With that in mind, this should shape up to be one of the better weeks in the mission. This Friday night we're driving up to Hamilton for a mission conference on Saturday in which Russell M. Nelson will be speaking. What a week it will have been. Apparently he's only doing this for our mission, as well. Not sure why, but the Auckland and Wellington missions won't be so lucky. Along with that thought, we have another Temple trip coming up that only we're authorized to do since the Temple is only within our mission boundaries. What a lucky guy I am to be in this mission at this time. 

The area down here is exploding. This past week was just miracle after miracle, I can't believe the amount of work there is to do in this place that used to be totally dead when it was part of the Wellington Mission. The District Presidency climbed Mt. Taranaki on Thursday, and it seemed as though blessings were instantaneously poured out upon the district; I've never met so many keen and sincere people in one day, or even in one week. It was pretty amazing. 

It sounds like stuff is pretty mixed up back home; people all over the place, things happening left and right. I understand, it must be pretty difficult back home without my charisma and intelligence infiltrating everyone's lives. I just hope that everyone is doing alright and finding joy in the journey.

Love ya! Sorry for the day late emails.
  Elder O'Neal

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