Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

What a good week last week was. I'm hoping that it doesn't mean the weeks are going to get challenging or something in the near future. It seems to me that God always gives us a little boost right before we're about to go through some serious trials. Kind of like the early saints being able to go through the Nauvoo Temple right before they were pushed all over the country. I reckon we just have heaps of good things coming our way though, so we should be good.

I guess the highlights of the week would've been our time spend with Elder Rudd, as I previously talked about, and then the mission conference with Elder Nelson. Then packed in between those two days were miracles followed by miracles. What a good week.

We had an interesting thing happen leading up to the mission conference. The conference was held on Saturday morning, and leading up to it everybody was super excited and ready to go. When we woke up Friday morning, one of the elders in the flat, Elder Andrus, was sick az. He'd been awake most of the night puking, and woke us all up with a round of it. My companion and I went for a run down at the beach, and everything was good, both of us felt great, but by the time we got back to the flat it was a different story. Not even a K from the flat, my stomach started to feel not so fantastic, and by the time we got back in I felt terrible. About ten minutes later we get a call from the sisters that are triple covering the branch with us, saying that Sister Lamoureux is sick. So we headed over and gave her some sprite and a blessing. When we got back to the flat from that I was out of commission. Since the other two felt great, Elder Andrus and I stayed back while they went out and worked. Around noon they got a call saying that Sister Wilks (sister Lamoureux's comp) was sick as well. So they went and gave her a blessing. We ended up leaving to Hamilton as planned Friday night, all of us still crook az. I figured we were going to have to spend the conference all quarantined, but alas, the Lord was watching over us. By the time we woke up Saturday morning we were all good. Nobody was sick at all anymore. It made me wonder if something was trying to keep us away, but whatever it was, it didn't work.

Kind of a long story, but I figured I'd share.

The week finished good. We set one of our investigators for baptism for the 29th of next month. We've found a lot of success with less active members in this area as well, and a bunch of them came to church yesterday. I love it when people are interested in what we have to offer and say, and care about us coming around.
Hopefully I'll have a good story for next week.
Love Ya! 

E. O'Neal
P.S. You jealous yet?

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