Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

We actually had something totally awesome happen this past week, and I figured that I'd share that.
 Last Monday evening my companion and I had  the privilege of meeting with a woman named Shelly. She's the mother-in-law of a woman named Payton who is currently being taught by the other Elders here in New Plymouth. Shelly had woken up Monday morning with the intent of committing suicide that day. Before doing so, she decided to sit and think of all of the reasons to live. After a little while of pondering over her mortal existence, she came up with only one reason to live; her family. In particular, Payton and her child. With that thought in mind, instead of taking her life, she decided to call Payton and have her come over to help her out. When Payton showed up and learned of what was going on her first course of action turned out to be to call us. My companion  and Elder Andrus stopped by in the afternoon for a short visit, and set up a time later that night for us to come around with Elder and Sister Taylor. The Taylors went with us around 7 that night for the visit, and I spent about the next hour dumbfounded as Shelly told us her story. I won't share the particular details, but Shelly has had a hard life. The Taylors shared information about an addiction recovery class that they've been running, and my companion shared a few thoughts as well. The whole time I just sat there quiet, praying in my head for guidance as to what I could say or do to help this woman. Eventually, after a while of listening and pondering, I thought to share the story of the Savior. In particular the moment when He cried out to God, asking why he had forsaken him. The Spirit in that home was so strong. As we were leaving she told us how much of a difference we'd made, and how much we'd taught her. Since then, she's been totally different. We even got a text from her the morning after saying that she had had her first good night's sleep in two years. She attended a church meeting later in the week and apparently she was sharing experiences and reading scriptures. Things she'd told us Monday night she'd never be able to do because of her anxiety. How awesome to see the Spirit working so strongly in her. How humbling to hear that we made a difference in her life. A huge difference. Though, it wasn't really us. As members, and as missionaries, really all we are or should be is a carrier for the Spirit. He makes all the difference. We certainly don't.

How cool to be given the opportunity to see Shelly and help her at that time. Amazing to think that the Lord trusts me enough to give me that opportunity.

That was the highlight of the week for sure. Love doing the Lord's work!
 Love ya!

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