Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 31, 2014

Two very awesome things happened this past week. We had a baptism on Saturday, so that's one of them, but I'll start with the other.

The first of the two awesome events happened on Wednesday. It was shaping up to be a regular day when we got a call from the missionaries in Waitara. The less-active daughter of one of their members has a that lives here in New Plymouth. Her premature month-old son was at the hospital getting prepped for a surgery for which they would have to fly him to Hamilton; so she was requesting that we go around and give him a blessing. Hopefully I haven't lost anybody yet. We went over to the hospital around four and the mother (I can't remember her name..) was waiting outside for us. She walked us through the hospital to the ward that her baby was in, and this is the part that started to blow my mind. Her son was in the Neo-Natal (the sister missionary next to me told me that's what it's called, and how it's spelled. Hold her accountable if it's not) unit, and actually had his own little room. It was amazing being in there. As soon as we walked in the Spirit totally changed. I wonder what the other people in that room attribute that feeling to; I know I attribute it to the fact that there were three premature babies in there that had just left the presence of the Father, and were struggling to hold on to life. The feeling there was so reverent, I almost couldn't believe we were outside of the Temple. The baby we were there for was only a month old and four pounds, which was promising apparently, because he had been born at only two pounds. His head was probably only about the size of my fist, and his tiny little hands like one thumb. I don't think I've ever before given a blessing that was both so easy and so hard at the same time. The Spirit was so strong that I certainly had no trouble concentrating and listening to the promptings of the Spirit, but at the same time, the Spirit was so strong that I could hardly get the words out. Once we were finished, we stood and talked with the mother a bit, and left; but I didn't want to go. I could have stayed in there all day. All I wanted to do was spend a little more time with this little one that had just left our Father. It made me wonder what I did to be counted worthy to be in this area at this time, which led to me being able to go there and bless that baby. What an awesome visit.

Now, as I said, the second thing was the baptism of Noel. Everything went pretty much without a hitch. There was a handful of members there, and everybody was very supportive and excited at the step that he was taking. I was the one that performed the baptism, the first that I have performed since baptizing Ty. Really the only thing that scared us a little was that we couldn't get the door things in front of the font to open. The lock got jammed and nothing worked until one of the members came in and manhandled it open. For a minute though, it looked as though nobody was going to be able to watch the baptism, except for the two witnesses that could have fit in the door to get in.

It's still awesome here in New Plymouth. I hope that I don't have to leave anytime soon.
 Love Ya! Kurt

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