Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Transfers were this past week, and I got a new companion now. Elder Moore got called to be one of the new Assistants, so I'm now with Elder Sharma. Funny thing is that the three of us came out at the same time. It's interesting to be companions with people that I was with in the MTC. It keeps bringing back memories of the MTC, and making me realize how long I've actually been out. Crazy stuff. Elder Sharma is a Fijian Indian. Which basically means that his grandparents moved to Fiji from India, and he's really not Fijian at all. He's good though. Since he came in we've seen an explosion in the work. Not sure if it's because he's here and he has an exceedingly great amount of faith or what, but it's been pretty awesome.

Yesterday at church, right after we finished teaching the gospel principles class, one of our investigators came to talk to us. He's an older man, in his mid 60s I think, and he's been investigating the gospel for over 20 years now. Elder Moore and I had gone around once right when I first got into the area, but ever since then he's been really busy and hasn't been able to meet with us. Come to find out, he was working on something at his house and had a really powerful moment of clarity. He said he felt something really strongly, and knew that he had to be baptized. Then not too long after that, he was with a couple of his mokos (grandchildren) and had the same feeling and thought that he needed to be baptized. So he approached us after class, told us the story, and said that he's ready to be baptized. How awesome is that? He's been to Church almost every Sunday for many years, doesn't have any concerns with commandments, and finally received his answer. If I somehow manage to stuff this one up, I think I'll just turn my badge in and announce my resignation.  We'll be seeing him this Wednesday, and hopefully be having a baptism within the next few weeks. Time for some fervent prayer eh.

Aside from that, we were able to find a handful of new people to teach that pretty much just dropped out of the sky. We were given an assignment to give a blessing to a lady that lives in our area Saturday night. Turns out she's a non-member whose family are mostly members. We ended up teaching her and her husband about the restoration and bam, two new investigators. Then at Church we had bishop pull us out of class to introduce us to a man and his family that just walked into the building because he wants to learn about Jesus Christ and be baptized. Bam, four new investigators. Then after Church one of the missionaries for the other ward called us to see where a certain street was and if it was in his or our area. A man had attended their ward and said that he was thinking about baptism. He said he'd been taught before and gave the missionaries his address. Wanna guess where the street is? In our area, right around the corner from our flat in fact. Bam, another investigator. What a weekend it turned out to be.

I'm hoping to have another smashing week this week, and I'm praying the weather keeps holding out. Haven't had rain since Wednesday or something, and it's been awesome. Still cold, but at least it's not wet.
 Love ya!
  Ka Kite Ano!

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