Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

It's done nothing but rain buckets everyday for the past week, which translates into this place being so indescribably green that it feels like I'm living on a giant green Crayola. Couple that with the beautiful blue ocean / bay area and my mind is sufficiently blown. Not sure how it's going to be returning to a desert n stuff. I may have to move to Cali. Or not, since Cali is yuck.
On another note. We had stake conference over the weekend, and it ended up being really awesome. The talks weren't extraordinary or anything, but within the Temple View stake is Cambridge. Which meant that I got to see some of my old peeps from C-town! I was pretty stoked. Even though I've been away from Cambridge for over a year now, it's still the place I feel most at home. It's the area that I've kept decent tabs on ever since I left. Everywhere else was awesome too, but that first six months there made it my home away from home. The only thing that stunk a bit about having conference was that it was held in Hamilton. The adult session on Saturday was in Temple View, and the Sunday session was at my old chapel in Dinsdale. In order to get to either of those places we have to take an hour long drive through super curvy, tight roads that go up through the "mountains" between here and there. Through the windies, this corolla's got me thinking "see what I mean about the shocks?" (I reckon Burke should catch that quote). Not to mention that on the way back on Saturday night it was an absolute deluge, which made it even more sketchy since the hills like to wash out onto the road. Had to dodge a couple of new dirt piles around a few corners.
Time seems to be flying by here. Seems like I just showed up, and now transfers are just around the corner again. Funny how fast time goes by once you click into pretty much the same routine everyday.
I hope everything's going sweet back home. Everybody better be good.

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