Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 6, 2014

We had a smashing week, I reckon. Well, really it was about average, but we had a pretty awesome miracle. I've been here for pretty much six weeks now, and there's still a few people that we're trying to catch. Seems like it never works out though. Right as we're going to their house my companion will see them driving into town, or something along those lines. This past week though we were finally able to catch one of these individuals. We went out to his house on Friday, but upon arriving and seeing no cars, we assumed that he wasn't around. I started to turn around, but was told to stop since the member that was with us wanted to go talk to his sister that lives just next door. Only a moment after he left a guy came down to our car, and my companion got super excited. Turns out it was the guy that we'd initially come for. Apparently his partner (Oh I dislike that term, but that's what everyone says here. Makes me think of some really cheesy marriage vow or something, "and my partner in crime." Yuck. But it's been so long since I've heard anything else I honestly don't know what else it'd be called. All you need to know is that if it's a partner, you know they're not married) Anyway. His partner had left him a few weeks back, so his life had gone crazy. Somehow she managed to take all three cars and bounced to who knows where. We had a good chat with him, and were able to get into talking about the gospel. Turns out he's been praying every night, and has been seeing answers to his prayers. He ended up coming to church yesterday and loved it. Funny how everything turns out too, since we were on the lesson about the Atonement in Sunday School. He paid attention through the whole thing, and said he really enjoyed it. Afterward he mentioned how he felt a really good vibe, and that he'll for sure be back next week.
It seems like things always go pretty mediocre, then out of nowhere something really awesome will happen. It feels really good to be somewhere that's so small, and still be able to do just as much work as any of the big cities I've been in. For some reason Kawhia just has a really good spirit, and I reckon I've never been happier.  Elder Kurt

With my current companion in Kawhia

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