Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 10, 2014

Mom asked about the sizes of the wards don here and for the most part all of the actual wards I've been to have plenty of people go to them. They usually wait to split wards until they're way overfull, so they are usually able to avoid any problems with being under-attended.

Didn't have the greatest of weeks last week. It wasn't too bad, as far as most things go, but I ended up getting sick. It seems that karma finally caught up with me. In all of my past areas, there's always been at least one time where multiple missionaries have gotten deathly ill around me, and I somehow never caught it. It seems that ever since my really bad sickness in basic training, I have the Hulk of all immune systems. I always made sure to point out with copious amounts of gloating. Then, sometime early on last week, I managed to get a nasty cold that somehow nobody else acquired. Started in my throat, then went to my nose, then spread to my ears, which made it so I couldn't swallow, couldn't smell and or speak correctly, and also couldn't hear anything. I felt like someone stuffed my head with cotton balls. Now it's gone for the most part, all except for a raging headache that it has so lovingly left behind.

The other little tid bit that made it not all that fun happened on Tuesday....
Every Tuesday we have District Meeting at ten, but since we're so far away they don't want us driving in for it, so instead we have to call in. I've tried every single week to get out of it but to no avail. It's really pretty useless, if you ask me. We end up sitting around for an hour trying to decipher the garbled mess that manages to make its way through the speaker phone.

I'd rather just forgo the meeting and get on with the real work. Usually the District Leader calls at five to ten. Ten o'clock came, and we still hadn't had a call. Another five minutes passed, and I decided to seize the opportunity. We had some service planned that day to go help put up a fence on one of the member's farms. So we quickly got changed, and just as we were heading out the door to freedom at around quarter past, the District Leader finally called. Nuts. So close. We usually go across the street to the chapel for the call, since it keeps us from raiding the fridge. So we grabbed our study material and went over so we could have the call. We were sitting in the hall, about ten minutes into District Meeting, and some random guy showed up to check the chapel over. Not sure what his job is, but he wandered around outside for a little while, then came in and started checking through all of the rooms, and spent a load of time in the cleaning closet fiddling with all the chemicals. As he'd walk from room to room he'd give us a stink eye or two, but I didn't really care. Turns out I should have though. He ended up going back later that day and telling President Rudd that his missionaries in Kawhia were "lounging around at the chapel all morning in their P-Day clothes." NO mention whatsoever of us having been on a call. What a legend. We ended up leaving the phone in the car that night, so we missed the call from President. Next morning I go get the phone and have my heart jump into my throat a little seeing it; it is never, ever a good thing when you get a call from President halfway through a transfer. We called him back but he didn't answer, so we ended waiting for his call that finally came on Friday. I wasn't too worried, but my comp was stressing out the whole week thinking he was closing the area or something for some reason.

Anyways. Other than that, everything is good. I still love it here, it's still beautiful, and there's a lot of awesome stuff coming up on the schedule. So long as I stick around and don't get transferred next week. Pray for me..
Arohanui whanau!

Here's a picture of the super awesome sunburn that I got from the Hangi weekend. I've only just now stopped peeling. Needless to say, I have since purchased not only sunscreen, but Aloe Vera gel AND Lotion. I was quite pleased to find they sell Banana Boat products here, what a pleasant surprise.

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