Sunday, November 30, 2014

December 1, 2014

This past week was pretty average I reckon. Though, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In all of my past areas, it was always a little irritating when things didn't go the way that we were wanting them to go, but here, it's pretty much no worries. Which is awesome.

I can't believe it's December! Smokes, the time is going quickly. I'm really happy that I'm still around here. It'll be good to be able to spend Christmas with people that I already know, as opposed to being in a new area and have to be getting to know a whole new batch of people. I guess if there's anything you learn from a mission, it's how to get to know people quickly. I still don't particularly enjoy having to talk to everybody I see, but it's kind of just turned into a part of me now I guess. That's something I'm not sure I realized before coming out here; the fact that we talk with everybody. I'm not sure what I pictured missionary work as before, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't like this in my imagination. It makes me wonder if my people skills have gotten any better. I'm curious if, when I get home, everybody will mention how different I am, or if I'll get back and everybody will mention how I'm exactly the same. Hopefully it's the former.

That's one of the things that I've learned since being out here too, is that it's not just about all of the people that we talk to and how we can change their lives, but it's also about changing my life. Changing who I am. Really just putting me in a differet situation for two years that is designed to modify my behaviour, and really hone me into someone better. I reckon that's probably true for most every calling in the church; you're there to help others, but you're also there to help yourself. Here's to hoping that some of it has worked, eh.

The school here in town is holding a Kapa Haka exposition this week, and we were invited to go around and watch. I'm very happy with all of the things that we get invited to here. Somehow everyone is always really nice, and we actually end up being able to meet a whole heap of people. I can't stress enough how incredible it is to be somewhere where we're not just those weird, tie wearing Mormon boys. We've actually had quite a few people mention to us how impressed they are with what we're doing, even though they're not particularly interested. The Lord knows all, and he's certainly taking care of me.

Sorry there's not a whole lot of mega intersting stuff to talk about, but that's about all I've got.
Ka Kite! Kurt

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