Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 8, 2014

It's finally summer here! It was rainy rainy rainy, then the first day of summer came, and all of a sudden there was not a cloud in the sky. I'm pretty stoked about it. The good weather meant that we were finally able to get some service stuff out of the way that we'd been waiting to do for awhile. That translated into a very tiring week. That's good though. Nothing better than being able to fall asleep quickly at night, as opposed to laying awake for what seems like hours on end, which is what's been happening most frequently as of late. For some reason my body doesn't want very much sleep anymore; I can't sleep till late, and when half five hits in the morning I'm ready to get up. I'm actually hoping that this is a bit of a permanent thing. It's always been one of my minor wishes that I didn't need to sleep much. Seems like Matt is always bragging about how he doesn't need much sleep, and I've always been super jealous, so maybe this is the Matt sleep-is-for-sissies superpower wearing off on me.

The week ended up being about average again, but one of our investigators made it back into town! We were teaching him about six weeks ago, and then one weekend he just up and disappeared. I'd sent him a text or two over the past weeks, but never had a reply. Then Friday we finally got a response; he reckons he was in rehab for the last while, and he was letting us know he had arranged for a ride back to Kawhia. Choice! Last we saw him I had a really good feeling about teaching him, he was pretty set on finally changing his life around. He wanted to follow the example of his cousin that used to be on that same path, but went to church and changed his entire life. So here's to hoping that we can get him started on the straight and narrow.
And lastly, I'm not sure anyone really cares or not, but our garden is looking pretty choice! We were able to get bamboo staked up for the Tomato plants, and we made a fence type of thing next to the Tomatoes for some beans that we planted. Should look awesome once it all grows and weaves through the chain link. Only negative turn of events is that our Corn never grew. No good. I was under the impression that Corn was pretty much guaranteed to grow, but apparently not. No worries though, not like I'll be here to eat any of it anyway.

Well. That's all Folks

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