Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Lets see...
Are you all working on making me homesick? Come on now. First Dad talking about peaches (which I'm going to be craving for a really long time now), then pictures of some awesome trip to Boston. No worries. I'm in New Zealand serving the Lord, try to beat that. haha. Looking at those picture, has anyone else noticed that Kacie looks all grown up? Man. Looks like when I get back and start training MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) again I'll have to test out whatever new moves I learn on dudes trying to take her on a date. What up? 

Rusti, come to Hamilton, I have an investigator for you to teach. She's not Russian or anything, but she is so bubbly. The sister missionaries gave us her name as a referral a few days back and we were able to contact her on Saturday. As soon as she answered the door she got really happy and started talking about how she had talked to missionaries before, and began to recount everything that she remembered. Maybe a minute and a half later, she had gone through the Plan of Salvation, the Restoration, and how she was currently doing a fund raiser for a trip that they're doing in her church a few weeks from now. My companion and I were both just standing there smiling and trying our hardest to understand what she was saying. So, I need you to come here and teach her for us, because you speak bubbly. We're actually pretty excited about her. She seems really keen to learn, and even mentioned that if we ever have any activities going on that she would love to come along. Hopefully we'll be able to capitalize this week. 

We've been having trouble contacting the guy that texted us "I need help" last week, and we're worried that something might have happened to him. Considering that he was talking like bad things were about to happen, I'm hoping that he's still alive and not in prison. If he's neither of those two, then he probably just ran out of credit on his phone, which happens a lot here because they don't have cell plans like we do in the states. 

It was a fairly disappointing week for us, lots of people cancelled appointments, and a couple of the families that we were teaching started to dodge us. Not cool. If they're not interested in the gospel, I'd just prefer they tell us, not schedule an appointment then not answer the door when we show up, even though we can see them through a gap in the curtain. 

All in all though it's awesome here. My comp is the man, and President Rudd is an awesome guy. He's really been pushing for all of the missionaries to relax a bit and really find joy in doing the work. The attitude in the Auckland mission was really really strict, and I always felt like I had to tip toe everywhere just in case I would break a rule I didn't know about. President Rudd has just been emphasizing the White Handbook and governing ourselves. It's hard to explain how it's changed, but I've been finding so much more joy in the work now than I ever have before. Things are awesome. 

That should just about do it. Hope everyone is having a good time back home, even though I'm not there. It's hard partying when the life of the party is gone, but I'm sure you all can figure it out for the next while.
  Love ya!
   Elder O'Neal

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