Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7, 2013

So many blessings, we didn't have room to receive them!

We just found out this morning that we're getting another companion. I don't remember what his name is, but he's been on the mission for about two weeks, I think, which means we're going to have to be training him. He's from Tahiti too, so we'll see how good his English is. It's going to be interesting, since we have one of the smallest flats in the mission, and now we're going to have to somehow fit another dude into it. Really not stoked about this one, but, I guess it's just how it goes. We don't make the decisions, we just have to roll with whatever is thrown our way. 

Our new ward is pretty sweet. We taught the lesson yesterday in Elders quorum, and of course we did it on missionary work. Then after church, as we were walking home, we watched one of the newly returned missionaries stop at a house and go talk to a guy that was in his front yard with his kids. How cool is that? So far everybody has been super motivated to help us out. As well as feed us, which is the most important part. Though, we had a pretty rough day yesterday because of that..  We had a Samoan family invite us for lunch, so we had a massive lunch with them from 2-3. Then we had some members scheduled to feed us for dinner from 5-6. When we got to the dinner we weren't even hungry yet, not even close, but we were there and they had prepared food for us so we ate as much as we could. Then we had another appointment with a Samoan family at 7. When we showed up, the wife had cooked massive amounts of the donut hole looking things, and of course we had to eat as much as we could, otherwise they might get offended. By the time we walked out of there, I was hunched over because my stomach was too full to stand up straight. Guess who we had as the last family that night.. Another Samoan family. They usually just give us Cocoa Samoa to drink though, and don't cook us a feed unless we show up around dinner time. Since we were getting there at around eight, we figured we'd be fine. Just our luck, when we got there, they had cooked us a dinner. And we had to eat it.. I've never hurt so bad in my life. It just made me think of the promise that the Lord will pour out blessings so that we won't have room enough to receive it. We were receiving blessings, and we definitely didn't have room enough to receive it. 

Other than that, it was a pretty good past week. We were able to find some new investigators, and we're hoping to be able to get people progressing this next week. I'll make sure to keep you updated when we start getting people set for baptism.
 Love ya!
  Elder O'Neal

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