Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 11, 2013

It's been a pretty good week. 

The weather is getting better, and along with it my attitude has seemed to be getting better. Funny how a little bit of sunshine seems to make everything go a bit smoother. The picture is from a little short cut that we found in our area a few days back. The way they have all of the roads and blocks laid out here is really weird. For example, to get to one road in our area, if you were driving, you'd have to go way outside of our area and through a bit of the city until you get to the beginning of the road, then you can follow it down to the end where it turns into our piece of area again. So what you find all over the place are little short cuts so you don't have to walk ten miles just to get to the other side of block, and some of them are super cool. They seem to put a lot of time into making them feel like you're not in the city anymore. Seems to me like it'd be easier to just design your city on a grid system, but hey, I could be wrong. 

Transfers are coming up in about a week and a half, and I'm hoping to be able to stay in this area. We've been having trouble finding new people to teach, but it feels like there's so much potential here that we just haven't tapped yet. Our Elders Quorum is so awesome too. They've been trying to do an activity every fortnight, and everyone has been trying to bring a non-member or a less-active to the activity. I love it when the ward members are hard-out into doing missionary work. The Elders Quorum president has been really killing me though. We were talking the other day about things we're interested in, and of course I said I love dirt biking, so ever since then he keeps talking about how he's going to set up a ride for one of the activities, and I'll just have to come along and watch. Come on now. It's almost as bad as one of the LA members that we've been working with. Every time we go around, he uncovers his KX450F and tells me I should take it for a spin. Ah! No more temptation please. 

Brett (I think I've mentioned him before, he comes out with us all of the time for fellowship n' such) opened his mission call the other day, and he's going to the Marshall Islands. Apparently he has to go to Provo to learn the language, so I told him that I'd have my extensive whanau (family) take care of him while he's there, since he's been so awesome to us. So when March comes around, I'll have to give you his details so you can send him some cinnamon rolls or something.
 Love ya!
  Elder O'Neal

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