Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Sounds like things are going crazy back home, or at least, the folks are. Every week they're somewhere else hanging out with another part of the family. 

How was Halloween? Anything cool happen? I didn't even realize that it was Halloween until someone told me. Apparently Kiwis don't really care that much about Halloween, and from what I hear, Christmas either. Nobody really dressed up, though I did see a few people here and there walking around trick or treating, but most houses put papers on the door saying that they didn't have any candy, so nobody should knock on their door looking for any. Things were pretty much the same as the day before. So I was in the process of mentioning that when my companion told me that nobody goes all out for Christmas, I thought, "Come on. Lets get some decorations up. Lights and fake snowmen. Some reindeer and Santa.". Oh well. 

We had an awesome ward activity this past weekend, celebrating Guy Fawkes. I'm not really sure the story behind the day, but it's the one time of the year that you can buy fireworks in New Zealand. You're allowed to launch off fireworks whenever you want to in this country (which is pretty cool) but you're only allowed to sell them for the three days leading up to Guy Fawkes. Apparently there aren't any restrictions on them either. So one of the guys that we work with a lot went and bought about four hundred dollars worth, and we just went crazy with em. It was really fun having ones that shoot way up in the sky as opposed to the ones that we always had growing up. 

So our ward thing was at a big park right next to the lake in town. We had invited all of our investigators and less actives that we've been working with and everything seemed so promising. They all were pretty excited and were even bringing friends along to it. Just as I expected though, nobody showed up. Not a single one of the people that we invited actually showed up to the activity, though we did have one show up to church the next day, so I'm counting my blessings here. What did happen though was pretty good. Since the party was in an open public place, we had heaps of people join in that had just been out for a walk around the lake. The ward was really good about going and talking to people as they passed, and inviting them to join into the festivities. So, even though nobody that we had invited showed up, we ended up getting a few new families to teach, as well as heaps of names to pass on to the elders in their respective areas. Everything always seems to work out now doesn't it? 

Other than that, it was about an average week. We did however go talk to this old guy that was out washing his 1965 GT40. Dad. We need one. Somehow we need to get our hands on one of those and restore it. He also had an F430, GTR, and a 911, but those weren't near as impressive as the GT40. 

Love ya'll. Its awesome getting letters from everybody each week. Maybe everyone should ask me some questions so I have some ideas of what to talk about next week.
  Elder O'Neal

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