Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Its lucky they don't have much dirt biking here. Otherwise, once the mish is over, I'd just come back and live in a little place called Oakura, just outside of New Plymouth. I can't get enough of the beaches here. Been contemplating whether or not surfing would be a viable replacement for dirt bikes. Of course it wouldn't be, but the thought has crossed my mind a time or two.

The other thing that stinks here, aside from the lack of desert riding available, is that we get conference a week late! I don't get to enjoy the awesomeness until next weekend. But it'll be alright, since nobody sent me any spoilers in email today. Counting my blessings.

This past week was pretty slow. We had to go up to Hamilton for mission leadership council Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a meeting that we do the first week of each month, where all the zone leaders go to the mission home and discuss whatever may be on President's mind. I haven't much enjoyed the last few, since it was spent listening to the Zone Leaders say that we need more rules and regulations, but this past one was pretty awesome. I'm all about obedience and following existing rules, but as soon as people start saying that we need more more more, I start getting a little agitated. So, the meeting started out, and we started talking about the numbers; amounts of lessons and baptism, etc.. I started clicking off a little, since it seemed like it was going the direction of "lets make more regulations." Then it didn't. It turns out that the way I think about things and the way President Rudd thinks about things are pretty similar. It was quite refreshing. Other than that though, I reckon it was a pretty boring week.

This coming week though, should be el spectacularrrrr. We have a temple trip! We'll be going up to Hamilton tomorrow, and going in to the Temple on Wednesday. It'll limit the amount of time we have in our area again, but I'm alright with that, since we only get two opportunities a year. We're also having a zone P-Day today, so that should be pretty awesome. We're hoping to set up a volleyball net on the beach and play a little. Not to mention the usual touch rugby or football. Last week was pretty cool. We were climbing around in the rocks, since the tide was heaps out, and we found a squid. The thing's body was probably about the size of my thigh, not to mention it's tentacles. Then we found this cool little pool with so many hermit crabs in it that it resembled an ant hill. Pretty cool indeed.
 Well, gotta go!
 Love Ya!

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