Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 14, 2014

This past week was pretty crazy for us. We ended up being all over the place, and seemed to never have the time to do anything.

For P-Day last week our entire zone got together and went down to the beach. Four of us got down there about an hour earlier than the rest and set up a volleyball net. We had to dig down until we couldn't reach any deeper, then put in these massive drift logs that were sitting on the beach. Pretty sure the stupid things weighed half a ton. The result was pretty awesome though.

We had our temple trip on Wednesday, and that was sweet, as per the usual. We left on Tuesday, since it's about a four hour trip, and stayed the night in Hamilton with one of the other zones. Instead of driving up a bunch of cars, the mission rented a twelve seater van for us, and that turned out pretty awesome. The only problem being that I only ended up getting the crumbs of all the snacks, since everybody went nuts on 'em early in the trip. All good though.  We ended up getting back down into New Plymouth late az Wednesday night and pretty much just went straight to sleep. So there went two days pretty much.

Watching General Conference was sweet! The problem being that it made it so we didn't get anything done Saturday, and a good chunk of Sunday got taken as well. No worries though. I try not to get too caught up in the numbers or whatever. My companion has been freaking out a little bit recently, since this is his last week, so we've been going hundy and a half. Way I see it, there's no need to get stressed out from not proselyting when the time was taken up with such worthwhile events. Been hard to convince him though.

This week should be good. Coming from conference, I'll be focusing on serving those around me more often, so we'll see what happens. Who knows. Maybe I'll come back and be a good guy or something. haha. Right.
 Love ya!

This is one of the foods that I've really grown to love. It's a Samoan thing called Pankeke. It's basically a bread ball with something in it like Banana or Pineapple, etc. They're so stinkin good. One of the Samoan members made this huge batch for us to eat for lunch yesterday. I'm hoping he'll show me how to make them so that I can bring it back home.

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