Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

We didn't have a super eventful past week. It was certainly did have a lot of ups and downs though. Makes me think of "for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." Been pretty much living by that for the past week. We'll have something awesome happen, and then right afterwards something not so awesome will happen. I reckon the toughest part about the past week was that we lost one of the couples we were working with.

They're an awesome young couple. Heaps of fun to go around and teach em. They were always super interested in what we were talking about, and they were really started to change. You could see the happiness come into their lives and watch em change. Then bam, they started to dodge us. All of a sudden they never had time for us, but in a really suss way. Can't even describe how demoralizing it was eh. I think it's the first time that I've had an established relationship with someone, and then have them start avoiding us. Not fun at all.

On a brighter note though, the father and son we have set for baptism are doing awesome! We got a little bit nervous since we hadn't seen them throughout the week, and they didn't show up to church. So yesterday afternoon we went around to their home and were able to spend some time with em. Turns out they hadn't been able to attend because he'd been looking after one of his mates kids as well as his own. It was really good to see that they're still on track. I'm really hoping that I stick around long enough  to see them enter the waters of baptism, and change their lives around. Pretty much all I want is to see a family start on the straight and narrow, stick to it, and have their lives changed from doing so. I'm hoping this will be one of those families.

Other than that, we went out to see a couple of the lakes that are around here today. They're called the green and blue lakes. Pretty cool scenery, but I still miss Taranaki and the ocean. All good though. Every area has it's positives. This area's is it's copious number of lakes.

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