Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 25, 2014

We've got transfers this week, but we haven't gotten a call yet, so we'll see whether one of us gets moved or not. I'm not too fussed though. Whatever happens, happens. The weather's been getting better, and for the most part it's been sunny and clear. Though, one of the days last week it rained so hard in the morning that heaps of streets got completely flooded. Flooded to the point that the cops were blocking streets off and crews had to come in and try to clear everything up. There's a high school not too far from our flat, and the Rugby fields all looked like giant lakes. Picture those massive fields by the movie theater in Payson, with half a foot of water on 'em. Crazy stuff. Makes me wonder if that's why nobody has basements in this country. Heck, hardly anybody has second floors either. I reckon the houses in Utah are going to seem massive by the time I get back.

We managed to have an awesome week, as far as teaching lessons is concerned. It feels good to have so much to do that we never end up with dead time. Most of the leadership in our ward just got changed around. New bishopric, new elders quorum presidency, new relief society presidency, new young womens, and the high priests group is getting shifted around in the next week or two since the group leader is moving into the other ward. With all of that, the work has improved quite a bit. Funny how people seem to get re-motivated once new leadership comes in. It goes along the lines of why we're moved so much as missionaries, I reckon. If we stay in one area too long, we get a little stagnate, and the members get complacent. Keep stuff moving and people going here and there, then people seem more prone to keep working.

My companion and I had a weird thing happen this past week where we were both afflicted with really achy muscles. He had been complaining about his shoulder hurting all morning, but he's a bit of a sook sometimes, so I didn't give it much thought. Then that night, I did some pull ups, and afterwards my arms ached so much I couldn't hardly think straight. Not sure what happened, but my arms were sweet the next morning until I cranked some push ups. Then my shoulders ached all morning. So either I'm receiving divine retribution for not paying attention to my comp when he was in pain, or there's some weird sickness going around. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter. There's been a flu going around to everybody. All of the missionaries have gotten sick with it except for me. It seems as though ever since I almost died in Basic Training, my immune system now resembles that of Hercules. People get deadly sick all of the time, but all I ever have to deal with is a stuffy nose. Probably ought to knock on some wood, but I'll just leave it and see what happens.

Well, that should just about do it. We got heaps of missionaries coming in from the zone today, since a few are finishing and going to Hamilton, so I'm hoping with all the bodies we'll go play some rugby or something. Hopefully it ends up as that and not stinkin volley ball. Who knew, but islanders absolutely love volley ball. Weird eh.
 Arohanui toku whanau!

P.S. Just got the call! I'm getting transferred to Kawhia. It's a tiny little coastal town in the Temple View zone. Won't be a zone leader anymore, which should be good. I'm pretty pumped! Can't wait till Thursday when I can get there and start loving the ocean again!

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