Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hello everyone,  A few things have happened since last week, but for the most part everything is pretty much the same.
To start off, something kinda gross happened. On Tuesday of last week, so the day after writing, I had to go to the Doc's after district meeting to get a boil cut open. It was pretty disgusting, and I'll save you the savory details, but suffice it to say, it was really big. I actually had to go back three times to get antibiotic shots, because apparently taking pills wouldn't have been good enough. It made sleeping difficult for the first night, but I was blessed and haven't really felt much pain since then, which doesn't usually happen, so I am told.
I liked this past week very much. We had a trade off from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning. Elder Toolson's a new missionary same as me. In fact, we came over on the same flight. We had a lesson with Teuira (he went to the baptism we had), and it was very strong. I really like being able to teach with someone who is like me, because then it makes me have to speak more and participate more. Especially when it is my area, and my investigator. At the end of the lesson, I invited him to be baptized, which was an awesome feeling. He said that he felt really good about it, and had butterflys at the thought of being able to do so. He's set for the 4th of May, and I really hope that he sticks to it.
I was also able to set another one of our investigators; Blake. Elder Toolson and I had actually found him on the street, so he's been "my" investigator from the start. We've had two lessons with him so far and he has been very receptive. I actually think that he's been being prepared for us for a long time. He said that he found Christianity a few years ago and that it helped him through a rough patch, and he was actually baptized into the Catholic church. I think he would've been ready to receive our message years ago, but his mom is very much against Mormons, and he doesn't turn 18 until the 24th of this month. I invited him to be baptized at the end of our last lesson, and now he is also set for the 4th of May.
I won't be able to watch conference until next weekend, but I did see part of the second session last night. We went to a member's house to see how they were doing and they invited us in to watch conference with them. I kept thinking that as I was sitting there on a Sunday night watching conference, Dad was probably out in the shop working on dirt bikes (since it was his Saturday session) and listening to the exact same talk. Almost like the huge Moon cliche that really cheesy movies always use. I'll be man enough to say that I miss stuff like that. Out in the shop working with the old man listening to inspired words specifically for us. But, I know this is where I need to be. It does seem like as soon as I came here though that stuff got crazy back home. I hope you all know that I love you, and that you're all in my prayers. Hopefully those little prayers from little ol' me will help. 
 Until next time, Elder O'Neal

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