Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

So, we got transferred. I'm still with my companion, and we're even still in the same flat, we're just covering a different ward now, Dinsdale Ward. The ward is pretty big, so we're double covering it with another companionship. We totally got the short end of the stick though with it. When we showed up we had to split the area book because usually the ward only has one set of missionaries. Looking at the boundaries for the area, it looks like a bow tie, with a big round about right in the center for the knot. So my companion and I cover one side, and the other companionship covers the other. What stinks is that nearly every single investigator that the sister missionaries were working with lives on their side of the area. So when we went through the area book and took out everything that was for them and their side, all we were left with was one investigator family. Youch. So we've been having to do loads and loads of finding. Door knocking, street contacting, etc. One of the hard things with our side though is that, for the most part, it's extremely wealthy, which is probably why the sisters didn't have much going on here. It's about like if you go to those neighborhoods on the mountain side in Bountiful or something. Really, really big houses, really nice cars, lots and lots of money. There must be a reason why we are here though, so all we can do is work and hope that it all works out. 

That's about it for now. We usually go play touch rugby on Mondays, but it's raining hard outside right now, so we'll see what happens. A bunch of big storms have been coming through for the last couple of weeks. Apparently the south island keeps getting all torn up with high winds and flooding, but by the time the storms get here, they just dump a bunch of water and don't even give us any good lightning or thunder.
 Love ya's
   Elder O'Neal

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