Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Here's a couple of gift ideas if anyone is feeling like sneding a care package to a missionary. Mike n Ikes. New Zealand doesn't have em, and I've been craving them for the last two weeks. Ah! Everyone keeps telling me to just eat some jelly beans, but obviously that's not going to solve the problem. Jelly Bellys as well, these Kiwis just don't understand the difference.  

It was a really rainy week. Every morning I'd wake up to the sun coming in the window, but by the time we got ready to go out the rain would start back up hardout. I'm pretty surprised that I haven't gotten sick or anything yet, but then again, I've been pretty good ever since basic training. 

People have been getting a little bit more into the Christmas season, but it still doesn't seem like Christmas to me for lack of snow. Someone is selling cheap Christmas trees down the road and we were tempted to go pick one up, but it'd probably be a much bigger hassle than anything else, so we ended up not doing it.

We've been having a bit of difficulty with setting up appointments this past week with those that we're teaching because of it being the Christmas season and everybody is busy with family stuff. We kept trying and trying, but by the time we got to the end of the week we realized that we hadn't been able to teach any lessons because people kept cancelling on us, or we'd show up and their family would be there for an unexpected visit. Not cool. We ended up seeing lots of members, and talking about how they can help us out. Everyone is really on board to get us people to teach, and already we've had a couple of families go talk to their neighbors and set up appointments for us. We're hoping to be able to get a fair amount of first lessons this week from it. Even though it's hard at times finding new people to teach, I still love this area. What an awesome place. Close to the only Temple in New Zealand, and it's filled with some of the most awesome members. Hopefully when I go home and start getting all caught up in life, I can remember to take a little time and be an awesome member missionary. 

Before I close off I thought I'd better give a little shout out to those that have sent hand written letters. I kept meaning to send ones back, but I've never actually gotten around to it. My bad. I love having those though. It's cool to be able to look through the old letters when I'm sitting at the flat, instead of just reading emails on Monday. I think I have three just from Angela alone, so thanks Angela!
 That should rap it up for now.
  Love ya!
   Elder O'Neal

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