Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Today has got to be one of the best P-Days that I've had so far.

Rotorua is a pretty touristy place, so there's actually a heap of cool things to do; so long as you have money of course. One of the attractions is called "The Skyline". You have to take gondolas up to the top of a mountain (which is pretty much just a really big hill, compared with home), and at the top they have a bunch of sweet stuff to do. Turns out that one of the YSA's in our ward works there; his names Jordi, and he's actually pretty famous in New Zealand since he's the lead singer for a band called Titanium. He reckons he wants to be done with it though and go serve a mission, which I reckon is really cool. Anyways, he was able to get us in for free, but not only that, since he's in tight with all of the other workers, we were able to do everything until we were just ready to do something else. The first thing we did was "The Luge". It's basically just three different race tracks that go down the mountain. SO mean. We were just cooking it down the tracks. Drifting corners, and in a couple of areas you can even catch some air; not heaps, but just enough to make things a bit more interesting. We did five runs and then decided to move on to the zip-line. It's about like the one they have at Park City. You get all harnessed in, and then cruise down a 400 M line. You can flip upside down and stuff, so it was pretty sweet. The line stops at a huge raised platform, probably about 40ft high. To get down from that you can either walk down a flight of steps OR you can hook on to this line and jump off the edge. That was pretty tight. It's about like the lines on fake rock walls that let you down fairly slowly. So we went up and down a few times. Hike up the steps, jump off, and go back again. Normally you wouldn't be able to, but we could since Jordi was with us. Feels crazy doing flips off of a 40 ft ledge with only the ground below to catch you. Needless to say, it was a fun filled day.

The week was pretty good. We actually got a few sunny days, which was surprising. Now we're back to overcast and rainy. Sister missionaries came in this last transfer to double-cover the ward with us, so we gave all of the single ladies (all the single ladies, all the single ladies) to em. Turns out that was most of the people that the missionaries were previously working with, so we've been spending a lot of time walking and talking to people. We haven't found a passel of people that want to be taught as of yet, but I'm hoping it'll happen. I was thinking about it the other day, and it seems as though most of the work that I've down on the mish has been with less active members. I'm not sure why, but less active members always creep out of the woodwork, when other missionaries in the same area work with almost no less actives and just baptize heaps. I reckon it's interesting anyway. Makes me wonder if it's just because of my working style, or because the Lord needs me to be working with them. Who knows. But I have had a surprising amount of success with re-activation.
 Well, that ought to about do it. Love ya!

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