Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Not a whole lot of time to email today. Stinkin New Zealand and always having holidays on our P-Days. Not only are we emailing on one computer, but we're planning on having the zone up here for another fun filled day on the beach, talk about a tight schedule.

Over the past week I got adopted into a Marae (a Maori tribal unit). I'd say that'd have to be the highlight. We went up to Hamilton on Monday for a zone conference that we were having on Tuesday. It turned out to be a stressful trip up, as per the usual, and a bit of a stressful trip down, as happens when you're in a Caravan full of missionaries that don't know where they're going still. But stuck right in between those two moments was nearly a full day at a Marae up in Huntly, which is north of Hamilton about 30 minutes. We learned a lot about the Maori history, and the correlation between their legends and stories and the Book of Mormon. It was really awesome. The guest that did most of the speaking was Heriwini Jones, which I've mentioned before, near the beginning of my mission in an email. There was way too much information for me to absorb it all at once, but I ended up with just enough that when we had a lesson with a Maori family later in the week, some of the prophecies actually resolved some of their concerns. How cool is that? At the end of the conference, the chief at the Marae told us that he had a gift for us, and that the gift was the Marae. I'm not sure what it all entails, but it's pretty cool to know that I now have a Marae that I can call my own. Hopefully one day I'll be able to go back and learn a little more about the culture.

Well, sorry for the short letter, but I gotta get moving.
 Love Ya!

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