Monday, June 30, 2014

photos from Taranaki

I can't remember if I've sent any of these pictures already, but here they are just in case. Pretty much all from Taranaki. Man I miss that place.
BTW. That's Derek Stubbings. One of the guys that I really miss from there. That's from when I told him I was leaving. He used to be in the Mongrel Mob for ages, and hadn't been to church in about 15 years. He thanked me heaps for "helping him to break out of his shell." Just kept thanking me again and again for helping him come back to church. He was awesome. Apparently he didn't like most of the missionaries that came through, but for some odd reason he really liked me and good ol Pete Johnson. 

This is Elder Glines. He's my "Shadow." He came out exactly a year behind me, and he also has an unhealthy obsession with dirt bikes. Pretty much the only missionary I've met that I can totally relate with.

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